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Branding – the smart way to be heard in a congested marketplace!

If you have been living in Mumbai, you are probably used to the traffic snarls which keeps Mumbai’s motorists fretting and delays their daily commute on the road. But now with the construction of various Metro Lines going on in a full swing and work in more corridors picking up the pace, the congestion is about to get worse.

The daily ranting over traffic havoc is endless – be it on newspapers or FM or TV or Social media. How a distance that should not take more than 20 minutes to drive now takes over two hours! How the cacophony of Metro construction keeps the people of Mumbai awake even at night! Not to mention, the parking woes with insufficient space and illegal double parking, along with an increasing number of vehicles on the road! There are, in fact, even tweets on how you know you are in Mumbai when Google Maps says it would take longer to reach your destination by car than by walking!

But if you step back and reflect, imagine the immense traffic relief that will be possible once the Metro work is completed! Mumbai Metro Rail Cooperation has estimated that nearly 6.5 lakh vehicles will go off road once the service is open to people. So, though it’s a temporary inconvenience, in the long run, it brings many benefits like better travel conditions including safety and ease with faster, better connectivity in the city.

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In a congested marketplace, branding works pretty much like the Metro rails to help your business navigate easily! When you decide to rebrand your business, you will see many challenges initially. You might have many questions in your mind about the initial inconveniences, like redesigning your logo and ensuring it reflects across all your marketing collaterals. Any change is not easy to adapt to – be it for your employees or your clients. The results will take time to unfold because branding is a step by step process and not an overnight change. You may even feel like the branding process is so time-consuming.

Better Connectivity: Just like Metro rail can help bring connectivity to unconnected areas now, Branding can help you reach different target segments better and help you explore new platforms to connect with your existing audience better and expand to the newer audience as well.

Better Visibility: In a fiercely competitive and congested market, branding gives you better visibility and clarity of purpose and helps you deliver your message clearly and cut through the cacophony.

Better Business: We know how the Metro is designed for traveling in comfort and safety – with air conditioned trains and hygienic stations with lesser pollution and dust. Similarly, Branding helps to package your business better and sell better to customers – and with stronger branding will help you reach customers effectively and close sales faster.