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Virtual meetings – reclaim your time and productivity on the move!

Step out of office for a meeting anywhere in the city and it takes you endless hours through the slowly moving traffic and congestion to reach your destination. The recent Metro works have only added further to the traffic woes. A study conducted in 2018 has revealed how traffic jam in just four metro cities costs India a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh crore!

Apart from the loss of productivity and time, traffic congestion adds to the stress of commuting and affects health as well in the long run. Thankfully, people are now becoming more aware of managing transit time better and using technology to make more productive use of the time spent on the move. You could be sitting anywhere in the world today and having a meeting with a person at the other end of the world! Technology makes this possible and incredibly easy today.

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Why Virtual Meetings work better!

Virtual meetings or web meetings are now popular as the most efficient way to conduct meetings in business today. It makes sharing of information in real time possible, easily and effectively. This environment-friendly communication method reduces travel and paper printing and helps the organization make more productive use of time and resources.

The smarter, cost-effective way to connect

Web Meeting apps are designed to be simple, yet smart for virtual meetings. So, you can just set up and manage online meetings virtually anytime, anywhere. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection!

No geographical boundaries

Coordinating meetings with clients in various geographic locations is no longer a challenge with virtual meeting apps. It is especially helpful for blending in-house employees with remote workers when meetings are scheduled, ensuring no one is left out.

Collaborate better

From sales presentations to weekly review meetings, be it for making a pitch or for a quick brainstorming session with your team, virtual meetings are a powerful tool for collaboration.

Customization features

Virtual meeting apps come with a host of features and benefits like onscreen sharing, file sharing, multi-way video, recording and more add-ons at a Premium. With low initial investments and predictable expenses through options of monthly or annual subscriptions, these apps help you enhance and extend your collaboration easily, even on the move.

Safe, secure communication

These cloud-based meetings are safe and secure with encrypted data and password protection option. The virtual meeting history can be reviewed and the meeting can be instantly saved and recorded for any reference.